1) I don't have a credit (CIBIL) score. Will I get a loan?
No problem, if you are new to credit. We will use your banking data to generate you an offer and help you in your initial steps to create a credit footprint.
2) How much time will it take for me to get the funds into my account?
Money will be in your bank account within the same day, post signing of Loan Agreement during banking hours else on the next business day.
3) How much time will it take for me to get a loan approval?
You will get your loan approval in one minute flat once all the necessary details have been verified during our Loan Process.
4) What is the security I have to keep to get the loan?
There is (NO) security that you have to keep with us to get an unsecured loan.
5) Is there a fixed income for the application to be accepted by PehchanPe?
Yes, one must have a minimum fixed income of Rs.10,000 for you to apply.
6) What is the eligibility criteria?
One must be a citizen of India, between the age of 18 and 65 and should have all supportive documentations for the same along with documents required for the Loan Product one is subscribing.
7) I do not want the loan after signing up, what should I do?
You can revoke the loan during the cooling period mentioned in the agreement and refund the same back to the lender. All terms and conditions will be duly mentioned in the Loan Agreement.
8) Can I change my EMI date?
We are sorry to inform that the EMI dates once set in the agreement cannot be changed.
9) How can I check my Loan Eligibility?
Please check the documents required for the Loan Product you wish to subscribe.
10) Are you a Bank or NBFC?
PehchanPe is a product of MAKSPay Fintech Solutions Private Limited. We are neither a bank nor an NBFC. All our Loan Products are backed by regulated Banks and NBFC’s and are listed as partners on our website. The loans are underwritten as directed by the Lenders explicitly and the final decision is theirs only.
11) How do I know that the agent helping me is an authorized representative?
All our agents are vetted out thoroughly and are registered with us. Our agents will have to do a face authorization in order to process the Loan built on our platform.
12) How do I protect my privacy?
All data that you provide is consent-driven and explained in detail in the privacy policy documentation given on our website.
13) How do I reach out in case of any queries or problems?
You can reach out to us at or at the Nodal Grievance Officer email address given on our website if you have any problems post lending through our platform.
14) Why was my Loan rejected?
All Loan Product requirements and underwriting are pre-set as per the Lenders guidelines. A loan is only rejected if the documents provided are unverifiable, have name discrepancies, or do not meet the threshold set by the lender to qualify, at any given time for the chosen product. The same is duly communicated to the borrower. This is not in any way a reflection on your credibility, it simply means your profile does not meet with the lender's requirement for this product.
15) Can I re-apply?
Absolutely, if you feel your application needs to be reviewed again and that your creditworthiness has shown a marked improvement since you last applied, do reapply after 90 days (3 months) from the rejection of your previous application. However, do remember approvals are solely based on the lender's metrics and discretion.
16) How will I know about the processing fees, interest rate, etc., charged for the loan?
All charges and interest levied are declared explicitly prior to subscribing to the product and in the Key fact Statement (KFS) provided during the Loan process. Please read all documentation carefully prior to subscribing.
17) How will I receive a copy of the Loan Agreement I signed digitally?
The Lender will send you a copy of the Digitally signed Loan Agreement to your email or via an SMS link for your purview, as mandated by RBI’s Digital Lending Guidelines.
18) How do I reach out directly to the Lender?
Our website lists all our lending banks and NBFC’s with their contact details. Click on the 'learn more' button below their names to find contact details for you to reach out.